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After realizing that my blog reader is full of links that I keep taking note of with the thought to write future blog posts on them only to run out of time, I figured I might as well just share the links with you straight out. There’s not much rhyme or reason to this–just things that I’ve been reading or watching recently that caught my eye for some reason. It’s a pretty mixed group but, well, that’s what the inside of my brain looks like. Welcome.

Green Links

Treehugger deconstructs the phantom China vs. US Clean Tech war. Particularly interesting in light of Obama’s recent remarks on energy, which are woefully deficient in the areas of renewable power sources.

A Treehugger post on the FTC and bamboo. I always thought bamboo was a great sustainable fiber, but turns out that the processing might be just as bad as plastic and rayon? (Note: Not sure if this applies to bamboo yarn as well as fabric; further investigation should be done.)

Is Drinking Milk from Bags Weird? by Treehugger. Not really applicable to me, but I still like the idea of things like milk being sold in bags like it is in Canada. If only because it would give me an excuse to have an adorable milk pitcher.

News, Media, & Entertainment

The New York Times takes a look at the most emailed news stories–turns out, it’s the ones that inspire awe. Makes me have a little bit more faith in humanity.

The Wall Street Journal takes a  look at the life of one of the original “news doctors” Frank Magid, and how he helped turn news into entertainment. This makes me have much less faith in humanity.

The Demoiselles ask you to Check Yourselves: Accidentally Contributing to Media Standards. I love their take on body image and standards.

Smart Pop Books has a handy recap of last night’s Lost episode, in case you missed it or, like me, find yourself feeling confused.


Sawtooth Sage: A Soothing Southwestern Nerve Tonic from The Medicine Woman’s Roots. I don’t think Sawtooth Sage is local (any of you green witches know?) and I don’t know how you would get the seeds to cultivate it, but damn it, I want some of this!

Modest Extremes by Wendy Shalit take a fascinating look at modesty. I certainly wouldn’t say I’m leaning in that extreme of a direction–but there are some really great thoughts in there around preserving some mystery in life and relationships. Something that seems increasingly forgotten lately.

The Non-Muslim Hijabi’s videos “Why wear Hijab?” and “Thoughts on Hijab.” Some of you may (or may not) know that I’ve been toying with the idea of covering my hair in some fashion (so far sticking mainly to wide headbands) and I really connected with a lot of what she said.

General Awesomeness

Cup Pies! From the Craftyminx. I want to make Cup Pies to go with my Cupcakes! I especially want to figure out if there’s a way to do, like coconut cream cup pies that’s not super messy….mmmm…

Calling all Lovers: Body Image from the Other Side by The Demoiselles. If you’re a man or woman (or any other gender identity) who loves women, you should absolutely go leave a comment on this post.

Some adorable wish tickets from A Fanciful Twist.  I want to print these out and leave them random places! So cute.

And finally, a short story for you–“The Cannonball Run” by Andrew Fitzgerald. Andrew is one of my co-workers and he’s doing this crazy Kickstarter project writing short stories every week based on words, characters, settings, and sentences submitted by the projects backers. It’s a great opportunity to watch him be tortured by all of us see some crowd sourced fiction get written.

Happy reading!

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  • Kasey

    You didn't have milk bags as a school kid? We had them – and so did most kids in Ohio – for either one year or two. Then they figured out that, when dealing with 8 year olds, the last thing you want to give them is an easy way to project milk across the lunchroom. What I remember most about them is that they were impossible to open without stabbing yourself, stabbing through the bag, or gushing milk onto your clothes. Not fun.

    • http://www.quirkyknitgirl.com/ Ivy

      Oh, wow, really? We always had milk in cartons, no bags. Sadness. I feel
      like I've missed out on some great novelty.

  • divarabbit

    On hijabs: I do understand why some women enjoy wearing veils, even choosing to wear them when they do not have to. In our culture here, so many women feel appalled at the idea. But frankly, I feel sometimes like covering my head is a) a protection for my crown chakra and b) a sign of beauty and reverence for the Goddess. So there ya have it. Of course, I have the luxury of choice…but given that luxury of choice, I do feel that I have good reasons when I do ceremonially wear a veil.