Wednesday Wanderings: Fact checking Monsanto cake

A really long group of links this week. Hope you find some of this interesting (do you? please, let me know!) and if you stick with it until the end, I promise you some hilarity for a good cause.

Media Nerds!

This is probably only for the nerds, but a look at Ars Technica’s experiment with ad-blocking readers.

The Washington post asks if comments on stories scare off sources.

Two articles from Huffington Post question why we’re giving a platform to people who are blatantly lying and that the “liberal” media is actually serving Republican interests.

News Junkies

The New York Time Magazine has an interesting look at building a better teacher. Really fascinating. (Fun fact: I actually seriously considered being a teacher at several points in my life. Then realized I’d kind of suck at it. I lack patience.)

Rolling Stone takes a look at the ways Wall Street is screwing the country over…and re-setting the conditions for another crash.

Can consumers wait for healthcare reform? Not really. And, seriously, the fact that anyone thinks it’s acceptable that health insurers can deny care if you’ve ever been sick or drop you if you have the audacity to become ill after paying into your policy for years is just sickening.


Have you heard of A Month Without Monsanto? A woman attempts to go a month without using any GMO products from Monsanto. She’s got a lot of resources for what’s GMO free, if you’re looking to change your own diet, too.

Detroit is considering turning abanoned neighborhoods into green space. There’s a lot of objection, but I think this sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Over at Huffington Post, Maria Rodale looks at the issue of chemicals in the water and asks if our sexuality (and future) is at stake.

Passionate Wierdos

Peak Oil Hausfrau has an interesting look at magical thinking and the tyranny of positive thinking. This was an interesting read, though I’m still not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, I do think there is a lot of power in the way you think and interact with the world; on the other I agree with some of the points made in her blog and the links she incldues, that this expectation that people be positive and happy all the time isn’t helpful or productive.

The New York Times considers–can there be an upside to depression.

While you’re mulling that over, note that women who drink wine are less likely to gain weight. Just sayin’.

Productive Flourishing asks if you have weirdo syndrome. (Yes, yes I do.)

Edge Perspective looks at passion vs. obsession. One motivates, one isolates.

Nina Paley has an interesting look at the Cult of Originality (thanks to Ladybug, for the link!)

Crafty Folks

Pagan Dad offers some tips for dying eggs naturally, so whether you celebrate Easter or Ostara, definitely check it out.

A Bit O’ Shine made some adorable decorations using buckets and moss. I like this idea a lot, and it’s a great way to bring some green inside this spring.

Smitten Kitchen has a drool-inducing recipe for St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake. I am going to gain 100 lbs because of Smitten Kitchen.

Also, here’s a cake with writing IN THE CAKE. Not on the cake, IN the cake. It’s fiddly and complicated and I absolutely want to try it.

Finally….I present to you, people dancing on camera for a good cause.

  • booksNyarn

    I love the Month without Monsanto blog, and actually picked up a no-GMO app for my Touch. We've done a lot in my household to lower our dependency on processed and GMO foods. Now I just have to build my cheese press…

    • Ivy

      I was thinking about getting one of those! I'm a little afraid to
      though….it's scary how much is in our food.