Wednesday Wanderings: Flower pot work week sleepover

I’m running late this am, so no nicely separated lists. Think of this as an example of what it would be like to live in my brain. Then hide.

Annie Leonard (of “The Story of Stuff”) talks about community. Awesome.

Green Apples sewed up the cutest pants. I’m still not sure if those would look good on me but I kind of want to get the pattern and find out. SO CUTE.

File under depressing: how climate change deniers spread disinformation.

Seed paper for Ostara! Okay, so it’s too late to whip up a batch for Ostara, but it’s still a cute idea.

Another sad post about climate change, and the fact that, well, all the news about public opinion and solutions is depressing.

Speaking of being green, The Green Phone Booth asks what kind of green you are?

And back to depressing. Most Africans (which, for the record, Africa is one of the continents that has contributed the least to climate change) blame themselves for climate change. Meanwhile, we’re all stuffing our fingers in our ears pretending it’s not going on. Stay classy, America.

If you’re in the Oakland/Berkeley area, Ghost Town farms is holding an open house this Sunday. I didn’t realize how close this is to me–I can walk there–so I’m definitely planning on checking it out. Maybe I’ll even try biking. (Or not. I do want to get there alive.)

The Pioneer Woman has this recipe for flower pot ice cream cakes. They are adorable in a women-who-lunch, tea party, I clipped the recipe from Women’s Day kind of way. And you know what? I still want to make them. SO THERE.

Someone at the NYT finally wised up the fact that the GOP has lost all sense of class or civility. Next up: grass is green, and gravity? Totally exists, dude.

Turning the Wheel talks about the benefits of a shorter work week. Turns out? It’s not only better for productivity and individuals, it’s also better for communities as a whole. So why are we all still working 40+ hour weeks?

Over at Huffington Post, a blog talks about one man’s attempt to build community by having sleepovers with his neighbors. Interesting!

Finally…you know what? There’s no need for elaboration here. I will just say: chicken apple rosemary pot pie.

Hope you enjoy! Like these? Hate them? Think I should make flower pot ice cream cakes? Let me know in the comments!

  • Rowan

    I love your links, but I feel compelled to delicately point out that Africa is a continent, not a country. I assume this is a typo, but I'm afraid you get much grief over it from others less genteel than myself. 😉

    • Ivy

      Eep–I fixed it. And that's why I shouldn't change the direction I'm going
      mid-sentence. Especially early in the morning.

  • Rowan

    And to show solidarity, I apparently felt it necessary to make a typo myself. That should have been, “…you'll get much grief…”

    • Ivy

      Oops! That's what I get for trying to write this at 7 am while getting ready for work. Fixed. (I think may be I was originally going to be more specific…and then wasn't. Or something.)

  • Branwen

    On the question of the pants, really most things in fashion would work on you. These pants in particular would elongate your legs and extentuate how slim your frame is. I would suggest wearing a blousey top like the one shown to balance that if it bothers you, but a fitted tank top and high heels would take the look towards the lean mean and thin, cute little vest would make it very business sheik. Just FYI.

    • Ivy

      Thanks for the feedback! I sometimes have a hard time figuring out things
      will look. Perhaps it's time to jump into the waters of sewing garments with
      patterns and things.