Wednesday Wanderings: Feeling Funky Like a Monkey

Another week, another list of links I probably won’t have time to blog about properly! (Also, bonus points to anyone knows what song the title came from–and which link made me choose it. No cheating with Google!)

News and Other Depressing Things

The Huffington Post as an interesting look at how the Evangelical maintream fuels milita groups and other extremists.

Club Orlov takes a look at collapsing competatively.

Darkness is usually thought of as bad…but could it actually be good for us? And are we screwing ourselves over by our artificially lit surroundings?

She’s Crafty

Nutty Creations released the On the Wings of a Dove pattern. Gorgeous! Definitely going on my list.

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at truckers taking up quilting and knitting due to more downtime between loads. So. Awesome.

Not Martha has a post on making some incredibly detailed and awesome chocolate surprise eggs. I’m not sure I’d have the patience, but they are pretty impressive.

Nom Nom Nom

I’m saving this one for summer–Pink Lemonade Cake!

Or, how about a breakfast cake? Okay, so not technically cake, but still looks tasty, in a weird kind of way.

But not as tasty as coconut mango pancakes. Yum!

Oh–and hey, I wrote a story. You should read it and comment. Yep.