Wednesday Wanderings: Lavender Dahlia Monogram

Some finds from my wanderings this week….

A gorgeous quilled monogram. What do you mean, I don’t need another craft? I HAVE TO LEARN TO DO THIS.

Lavender Honey Drop Cookies anyone? I desperately want to make these, as well as lavender and rose petal honey, but I’m not sure where to find fresh lavender and rose petals that aren’t sprayed with pesticides. I’d love to grow them myself, but it’s not an option, so I’m not sure. But surely, somewhere in the Bay Area, we must have edible flowers.

Not Martha has some adorable felt dahlia corsages for Mother’s Day. Or any other corsage worthy occassion, really.

Look! Vintage style hats! I’ve mentioned wanting to bring back hats, yes? In case you’ve missed it….more hats, please!

Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom has some ideas for making herbal oils. Mmm, I smell ideas.

Speaking of food, how about some sweet and salty herbed shortbread? Or perhaps some maple yogurt pound cake?