Link Roundup 3/10/12

This post asking what your 8 auspicious symbols are was really interesting. I’m not sure what mine would be; what do you think yours might be?

But I also get that my own reason and cleverness only gets me so far in life. I need a story bigger than the story of me.  I need a reality bigger than the one I can understand.  I need some transfiguration.

This post gets super bonus points for referencing eschatology, Doctor Who and Star Trek all in the same blog. It also makes some good points about entertainment as a source of theology.

Five hundred new fairy tales discovered in Germany. Awesome.

Interesting post on using Road Opener bath or oil.

Do Jesus and the Buddha walk together? This woman’s experience was amazingly beautiful and powerful.

You should read this post for many reasons, not the least of which is because the title is Jesus is not your magical puppy.