Link Roundup 5/12/12

I love deviled eggs, but I can’t decide if deviled egg frosting sounds like an excellent or horrible idea. Thoughts?

I will demand…One. Million. Stitches! No, seriously, Knitgrrl has launched an awesome community knitting experiment. I’m super excited and have signed up already.

Robert Reich says smart things. “As always: What’s truly immoral is not what adults choose to do with other consenting adults. It’s what those with great power have chosen to do to the rest of us.”

Individual strawberry cobblers are adorable…and I have the right size dishes to make these, too. Hmm.

What kind of Christian is Barack Obama? A nice follow-up to the President’s endorsement of gay marriage and a nice reminder that despite what you may hear in the media, Christianity is a bigger tent than just the fundamentalists and evangelicals.