Superhero weekend

Apparently I declared this weekend to be on where the movie theme was superheroes, guns and explosions. With a sub-theme of Samuel L. Jackson.

I’m catching up on the movies in the Avengers universe. I was sadly disappointed in The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk; while the latter was marginally better than the first it was still pretty awful. Neither Bana or Norton holds a candle to Ruffalo in the Avengers, as much as it pains me to say that.

I did enjoy Thor — and bonus Hawkeye cameo! Though he had sleeves, which feels horribly wrong. I propose a new rule: Jeremy Renner should never wear sleeves. Ever. — and really liked the sets for Asgard, though I know a number of more Norse-leaning folks were less enthused. I thought it was well done though, and the warmth a nice contrast. Plus, Bifrost was amazing.

Also, both Iron Man movies. I really, really want to dislike Tony Stark and yet I really, really don’t. So good, and I love it. Also, fantastic job with the music on those. Robert Downey Jr. just kills it in these movies, and I can even mostly get over my general dislike of Gwyneth Paltrow. Plus, Black Widow’s role in Iron Man 2 blew my mind.

There needs to be a Black Widow movie. Like, now.

I also managed to work my way through a few other action movies and do some knitting. Which I can’t share because it’s secret, so just imagine something awesome here while I’m rambling on about movies.

I also apparently have the desire to a) get in shape and b) go learn to do a bunch of things that scare me. I’m not sure if this is a side effect of my movie choices, residual suit of wands energy, or my Saturn return but whatever it is, it could be interesting.

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