Link Roundup 7/7/12

This open letter from a Millennial sums up so much of the frustration and inner conflict I feel. I’m technically a year or so too old to be counted in that generation but so much applies. We aren’t a blameless generation, but so much of what we are is shaped by the Boomers who raised us and now criticize us how it turned out.

A great read on the strain of aristocrats ruling America, the difference between Northern and Southern upper class values and an ethos of service vs. an ethos of individual glory.

Romney’s use of offshore tax havens and resistance to financial disclosure is unusual for a presidential candidate — and disturbing.

This is an old blog that I just found, but has SO much great information on saying no and the ways predators try to manipulate social conditioning and norms to get you to say yes. It also references “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker which I’m convinced everyone, but especially every woman, should read at least once.