Candle Making

After having two giant boxes of candle making supplies sitting in my living room for, oh, a year now I’ve finally got around to making candles. My idea has been to make full moon candles, poured with the properties of the moon and charged under it.

These didn’t turn out quite perfectly — I meant for them to be more pink than red, and I’ll still need to do the second pour, but in general they’ve turned out quite well. I need to find a better method of attaching the wick tabs; the glue dots don’t like to hold once the wax is poured, so my wicks aren’t as straight as I’d like either.

But, not bad for a first attempt! I’m pleased with how these have turned out, and I’m looking forward to making more.

  • logical anarchist

    Tie a metal washer on the wick and pour slowly. That’s the way my mom used to do it when she made candles for us to give our teachers as Christmas gifts.

  • Jon

    Yeah, the wick tabs can be a problem. You can use a thermometer to cool the wax to just a little bit above it’s melting point before you pour it – that should be less of a challenge to the glue tabs. Also, you can pre-dip the wicks to stiffen them before you assemble them with your wick tabs and such – even put them in the fridge to cool as an extra measure. This will help them stay stiff and straight in the hot wax. I’ve only done container candles once, and these are the little fixes I came up with, so I’m sure there is better advice out there.