FO Friday: Dancing Ladybug Socks

More CAYA socks are done! Hooray! I’m now working my way through Hive ’09, the first group of initiates in the tradition.

I knew as soon as I saw a ladybug sock pattern, I had to knit it for Ladybug. Not only do they suit her name, they are a perfect shade of red for her style, which always puts me in mind of a glamorous vintage bombshell with red lipstick!

Dancing Ladybugs

The ladybug spots and antennae are stitched on at the end, which wound up being a bit of a challenge — I went with a minimal spiral, for socks that could be professional with a touch of whimsy.


The pattern is Ladybug Socks by Samantha Roshak and the yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Ruby Love.

New Yarn

I love getting new yarn for a project – it’s such an exciting start, when everything is so pretty and fresh and new.

Having neared the end of the last pair of CAYA socks, I ordered some yarn for the next pair. It’s so pretty!

New Yarn

I love the colors I’ve chosen for these, and I think they’re going to knit up beautifully.

So Close

The last part of a second sock is always the hardest. It feels so close and yet the foot drags on for ages. Especially when knitting for people with feet bigger than mine which, let’s face it, is pretty much everyone.

Almost Done

I am so close to done with this pair, and I’m excited to be making such good progress. Of course, I’m studiously ignoring the fact that this particular design requires extensive amounts of duplicate stitch to complete, which I haven’t done on either sock.


I am so grateful for my community right now, and all the love that is there. For all of my friends, for new friends I’m getting to know and for people I’m reconnecting with.

I’m grateful for a full moon ritual that was just what I needed, and for being able to find the energy to return to these rituals after a long time away.

Even if it does mean the sock queue is going to keep growing.

Another Project

The warm weather reminded me to start a project I’ve had lingering here for some time. I bought a set of dining chairs some time ago and have been meaning to refinish them. Since I wanted to spend time outside, I picked up sanding them again.


It’s slow going because I’m working by hand, and they’ve got some fiddly tips — does anyone have any tips for getting into designs or corners?

I’m still on chair number one, and wow does this drive home how very out of shape I’ve gotten. Time to start hitting the weights and running again. Trying to do this work is just killing my arms, but I’m telling myself it will do some good for my arm muscles? Right?

Still Knitting

The latest pair of socks on the needles are slowly making progress — I do like them but it’s been so hard to sit inside in such wonderful weather. I really need to remember to take advantage of knitting on my deck more often, no matter how sad the cats look sitting at the door.

Ladybug Progress

I finished the first sock and have begun the second! Hopefully now that I’ve got the hang of the pattern, this one will just fly off the needles.