Sutro Baths

I love when friends visit, because I wind up exploring parts of the area I never get around to otherwise. This time, Mary and I headed into San Francisco and made it to the Sutro Bath ruins.

They’re utterly gorgeous, as was the portion of the coastal trail we explored, and ocean beach.

Mary on the Wall

It was a lot of fun to climb around, take photos, and see the beautiful views. There was so much natural beauty and the ruins.

Relaxing in the Ruins

I’ll definitely be going back!

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Up in the Air

I’ve been doing some more spiritual work lately, connecting again with the basics and how to build those into my practice as a foundation. I began with the elements, and spent most of July working with air.

It should not surprise me at all that it showed up in my life in interesting ways – including a trip ziplining in the redwoods. Mary invited me to go along with her and her friends, and in a moment of stupidity, I said yes.

The thing is, I’m afraid of heights. Like, sometimes stairs freak me out afraid of heights. So this was a big risk. The course had six lines, and two rope bridges, and I’m not sure it ever really became fun for me but it definitely got more bearable! I was even stepping off the platform on my own by the end, over 30 feet in the air!

I Love This Tree

It was pretty cool to have a bird’s eye view of the world. And the feeling of flying is definitely one that sparks a certain of clarity of mind – you really don’t think about anything else.

Up in the Trees

If nothing else, I can say I went ziplining and survived!

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Back in the Game

Remember the tarot project? Well, Nancy and I took a much-longer-than-planned hiatus after finishing all the minors, but we’re back in the swing of things and pleased to be tackling the majors.

We took a trip to Sacramento to shoot The Fool, and it was a ton of fun. The Fool is the beginning of a new journey, a time of asking what now? and that’s definitely how I’m feeling. I thought things were looking up, and then they weren’t so … now what?

I don’t have an answer to that, but I do have a sneak peek of what kind of thing to expect from the photos when they’re ready.

40s Style

So excited to be back!

Happy Monday

A new week begins, and my astrology emails tell me that Jupiter is moving into Leo, which should make everything start to be a bit better than the general insanity that has been happening this year.

I’m trying to believe that, but it’s hard when I’ve been hit by the dreaded summer cold and just want to sleep. In the meantime, here’s a boring text post of life.

1) I don’t feel like it’s summer until I’ve gone to the beach, which has tripped me up the past few years. I mean, real beach, wear a bikini and get in the ocean beach. A trip to Santa Cruz, it turns out, will fix this.

2) We’re starting the tarot project up again soon, and I am so unbelievably excited to get going on the final stretch. We will finish this and it will be awesome.

3) Witches of East End is a delightfully trashy TV show about witches that you should be watching. It’s completely ridiculous and amazing. More, please!

4) I’ve been thinking a lot about pop culture magic and ways to use the scripts media has given us in magical work. I’ll need to revisit once I’m out of the cold-and-meds-haze to see if it still makes sense, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

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FO Friday: Ferry Shenanigans

The latest commuter socks are done, despite spending a lot of time not knitting on the ferry. My knitting has been helped along by finally listening to Welcome to Night Vale, which is absolutely as good as everybody says it is and which has been a great companion to my knitting.

Ferry Shenanigans

These are just a pair of plain vanilla socks, although you may notice one is slightly larger than the other. That’s because I apparently took leave of my senses when I measured gauge on the first, and then just kept going. I’m trying to run again, so I’m almost certain at one point I’ll have a swollen foot and will appreciate it.

Ferry Shenanigans

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Shenanigans, and it’s a bit more saturated than these photos show. I’m very excited to wear them soon!

Visits from Old Friends

One of the things keeping me busy of late has been a visit from Mary. (I will be talking in a lot more detail about some aspects of her visit later.) Mary and I met in college, and she’s one of my oldest and dearest friends. She also has impeccable timing, because her visit happened at a time when I really needed that kind of friend.

Day of Epic Adventure

As a brief summary, we got up to all sorts of shenanigans, including a zipline tour of the Redwoods (!), exploring the Sutro baths ruins, searching out hipster food destinations in the Mission, and getting matching tattoos. Well, mostly matching.

We also went out and flew a kite, which was super fun. I’ve had the kite since childhood, but we never managed to find the right time to go fly it growing up so I really had a great time finally flying it.

Let's Fly

The hardest part of her visit was her leaving. It’s so quiet here now, and I’m back at work which is much less fun than adventures. I suppose I’ll just have to find time to squeeze in some more shenanigans.

Squirrels and Halfway Points

I have been knitting, but not nearly as much as I ought to be. It’s been a combination of busy, distracted, and working far too many hours.

I’m still knitting away on the current pair of CAYA socks. They’re absolutely gorgeous and the yarn is divine, but I just cannot seem to go faster. it has sped up a bit since I printed out the pattern. I usually use the Kindle app on my iPad to read patterns, but this one is all charted and wasn’t so easy to read. The printed pattern is much easier, and I can use highlighter tape to keep track.

At any rate, I’m halfway done with the pair and I’m starting in on sock number two. Here’s hoping it picks up speed.

One Sock Down

I also cast on for a new project. I know, I’m not done with this one, but I have two friends who are expecting this fall and that means time to start in on the baby sweaters.

As it’s a gift, I’m again being somewhat secretive, but I am excited to start in on a darling cardigan for one of the babies.

Baby Squirrels Cast On

I did spend a lovely Saturday at home knitting, the first in a long time and it was quite nice. So glad to have fun projects.

I’m Back

The blog hiatus for the past few weeks was entirely unintentional. I have no excuse for it, really, other than to say it happened and I return now.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy few weeks around these parts. A lot of things going on, some good, some not so good, some good and then not so good in turns. But all of them meant a lot of time being busy and spending a lot of time in my head.

At any rate, I’m full of ideas and adventures (past and future) and hope to be tweaking this blog to get a bit more balanced picture of all the different things in life I’m talking about here. Hopefully some of you have stuck around to read this and are still here!

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