New Yarn

I love getting new yarn for a project – it’s such an exciting start, when everything is so pretty and fresh and new.

Having neared the end of the last pair of CAYA socks, I ordered some yarn for the next pair. It’s so pretty!

New Yarn

I love the colors I’ve chosen for these, and I think they’re going to knit up beautifully.

So Close

The last part of a second sock is always the hardest. It feels so close and yet the foot drags on for ages. Especially when knitting for people with feet bigger than mine which, let’s face it, is pretty much everyone.

Almost Done

I am so close to done with this pair, and I’m excited to be making such good progress. Of course, I’m studiously ignoring the fact that this particular design requires extensive amounts of duplicate stitch to complete, which I haven’t done on either sock.


I am so grateful for my community right now, and all the love that is there. For all of my friends, for new friends I’m getting to know and for people I’m reconnecting with.

I’m grateful for a full moon ritual that was just what I needed, and for being able to find the energy to return to these rituals after a long time away.

Even if it does mean the sock queue is going to keep growing.

Another Project

The warm weather reminded me to start a project I’ve had lingering here for some time. I bought a set of dining chairs some time ago and have been meaning to refinish them. Since I wanted to spend time outside, I picked up sanding them again.


It’s slow going because I’m working by hand, and they’ve got some fiddly tips — does anyone have any tips for getting into designs or corners?

I’m still on chair number one, and wow does this drive home how very out of shape I’ve gotten. Time to start hitting the weights and running again. Trying to do this work is just killing my arms, but I’m telling myself it will do some good for my arm muscles? Right?

Still Knitting

The latest pair of socks on the needles are slowly making progress — I do like them but it’s been so hard to sit inside in such wonderful weather. I really need to remember to take advantage of knitting on my deck more often, no matter how sad the cats look sitting at the door.

Ladybug Progress

I finished the first sock and have begun the second! Hopefully now that I’ve got the hang of the pattern, this one will just fly off the needles.

Big Ideas

So I’ve been working on a big idea for a while. I’m not quite ready to spill the beans publicly yet, but it’s big. The kind of thing that requires a leap of faith and a lot of work and to be perfectly honest, I’m terrified.

I’ve reached the part where I’m bringing other people on board and that’s one of the scariest things. It’s one thing for me to believe in a vision, it’s an entirely different one to ask others to buy into it.

But so far the reactions have been good! I had a really productive meeting on Friday evening with a couple of friends and things are going to be moving forward.

Plotting with Wine

The best kind of meetings come with wine, of course! I’m still scared, but the more other people get excited, the more I think I’ll actually be able to pull this off.

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See My Garden Grow

The weather is warming up here again — it’s delightfully out of character and I’m sure it’s not great in the grand, climate change and drought scheme of things, but I’m loving it. So nice and I am thrilled to get to wear short sleeves and play outside.

I took advantage of the weather to do some weekend gardening. My neighbors have been slowly taking over the sides of the yard suitable for gardening, so I’m trying to stake my claim. So far I’ve stuck to my side of the deck, and have moved a couple of containers to the grass nearby. I’m hoping to get to Ikea at some point and get some big planters, that would be suitable for vegetables, and that can be moved into the rest of the yard. I also want to get some solar powered lights, and I need to repaint the chairs and paint the small table.

Back Garden

But it’s looking improved! I added some new plants — two tomato varieties, mugwort, a couple of varieties of lavender, some yarrow, feverfew and a couple of ornamentals I’ve forgotten that are supposed to attract bees. I also discovered a California poppy that came from the seed of last year’s and repotted it. I moved the rose and blueberry bush down to the grass to free up space and get more sun.

I still have too many damn orchids, thanks to my neighbor — he left me about six, and I really only need maybe two so I need to find new homes for the rest. One of the Christmas cactuses is also waiting to be delivered to a friend as a late birthday gift. There are also a bunch of jade plants that he left — I put one inside, and will probably try to rehome most of the others if they take root.

Shade Plants

In the shade corner, I have more lemon balm. I fried the last one with direct sun, so fingers crossed this time. The black planter is one of two that I have sown with foxglove seeds. I hope they sprout! It’s still a work in progress but I’m pleased so far.

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